Lange joins college faculty


Shane Lange has joined the IVCC faculty as a full-time automotive instructor, after longtime instructor Dan O’Connor retired at the end of last year.

Two new full-time faculty members were hired by IVCC for this academic year.
Shane Lange will replace Dan O’Connor in automotive while Carmen Hartford will replace Greg Oseland in anatomy.
Profiles of the two new full-time faculty members will be published this semester.

Shane Lange
Where are you from originally?
Marseilles, IL
Where did you attend college and what degree do you hold?
IVCC, Southern Illinois University Carbondale, University of Tennessee, University of Massachusetts
Currently hold Bachelor’s of Applied Sciences. Half way done with Master’s of Education.
What classes or positions are you currently assigned?
Automotive Technology and Co-program Coordinator
Are you new to teaching?  If not, where did you teach before IVCC?
I am new to this subject.  I taught science for Lauderdale Department of Education in Tennessee.
What are your impressions of the atmosphere at IVCC and your fellow faculty and staff?
Welcoming and Familiar
So far, what is your favorite aspect of IVCC?
My colleagues and the student interest
What is your favorite thing about the Illinois Valley area?
It’s Home.
What should a student know about you?
My goal is to train a group of future professional automotive technicians, with an emphasis on Professional.