Stevenson retires for second time

Saralyn Simpson, IV Leader Staff

Jim Stevenson, who has worked at IVCC since 1968 as a counselor, is retiring. His official last day is June 31.
Stevenson worked as a full-time counselor from 1968 until retiring in 2000.  He came out of retirement and returned to IVCC as a transfer coordinator from 2000-2012.
Tracy Morris, associate vice president for student services, said, “Jim fought tirelessly for transfer students. If he felt something was wrong or unfair, he fought as hard as he could, so those transfer students were treated the same as every other student.”
Stevenson played a huge part in setting up the transfer services Web site, and had the genius idea of “Skype a Counselor.”
Morris said, “Jim loved IVCC, and committed nearly 2/3 of his life to it. He will be greatly missed by us all.”
Stevenson and his fiancee plan to travel after retiring.
Stevenson’s wish for all of his co-workers: “Please don’t forget you are here for the students and please, when a wrong exists, please try and make it a right.”