Pearce leaving IVCC for Heartland

Matthew Gerding, IV Leader Editor

Richard Pearce, vice president for learning and student development, will be leaving IVCC to take a similar position at Heartland Community College. Pearce has been working at IVCC for three years, commuting from Bloomington to Oglesby.
Pearce was instrumental in building relationships with various high schools and four year colleges in the area. according to IVCC President Jerry Corcoran. He also helped combine the Academic Affairs division and the Student Services division into Learning and Student Development.
“When Dr. Pearce told me he was a finalist for the academic affairs and student services vice president position at Heartland Community College, I told him I’d help him any way I could — by no means was that meant to be an invitation for him to leave, but rather an indication of how appreciative I have been of his commitment to IVCC,” said Corcoran.
One of the major factors in Pearce deciding to go to Heartland was the commute.
According to Pearce, “I was very excited about returning to my alma mater three years ago. This was a great opportunity for me to return to my roots and to become part of a community I care a great deal about.“However, my wife has a very successful career in the financial sector and, while she looked at relocating, it just didn’t work out. She and our two sons continued to maintain a home in Bloomington while I was working in Oglesby. So when an opportunity came up for me to work with Heartland Community College in Normal, I really felt like this was the right thing to do for my family.”
Though it is a relief from driving Pearce says there is one thing he will miss at IVCC.
“Without a doubt, it will be the people. I’ve made some great friends here at IVCC and around the district. The people here at the college really care about education and about our students.
“No matter what challenges we’ve faced in the past three years, I could always count on my staff, the faculty, and all of the administration to keep the best interests of the students as their focus.”
Corcoran says he has enjoyed working with Pearce and wishes him the best in his new endeavors.
Corcoran also said he is confident that what Pearce has started will continue to succeed.
He said, “We have a number of very talented individuals who will work together and make the best of the situation for our students. Our mission is to teach those who seek and be enriched by those who learn.”
Pearce added: “IVCC is such a great school. I am very proud of the work we’ve done and that I’ve been able to play a small part in that.
“I’ll always cherish the friendships I’ve developed, and I look forward to keeping in touch after I move to Heartland.”