Input boxes available for comments, suggestions

Saralyn Simpson, IV Leader Staff

Have you ever wanted to make a suggestion for improving the school, but weren’t sure how to go about it? Well, the IVCC administration would like to remind students of the input boxes positioned around campus.
Ten boxes are available for students and staff to access.  The boxes are wooden and square and are located in various places: outside of the financial aid office, in the lobby near the cashier area, the cafeteria, outside of the library entrance near the bulletin board, outside of the math learning center, outside of the division offices in building E, the counseling center, the gym, building 11 kitchen, and building 5 foyer.
When asked about the main purpose of the boxes, reading  professor Linda Thomas said, “We just want input from our students.”
Whether it’s something small or big, positive or negative, comments can be put in the box for review.  The whole idea is to improve the school, according to what students and staff think about it.
“It’s nice to know things that can be fixed, as well as the good things we do,” Thomas said.
All you have to do is take one of the purple pieces of paper with the boxes, write down a request, and put it into the slot of the box.
All comments can be made anonymous if preferred, but if you want feedback, writing your email down will allow you to receive information on how the situation has been acted upon.
Lori Scroggs, vice president for planning and institutional effectiveness, said, “If one student says something that needs to be improved to another student and that is all, there is no way we can do anything to fix it.  If they put it in the box, we will be more aware of what students want.”
Once a comment is entered in the box, they are sorted out and sent out to each section of the school to which they apply.  The comments are given to both the people they concern and their bosses, so each comment is actually seen and acted upon.
Thomas and Scroggs are trying to raise awareness of ways to get feedback about the school and how it can be improved, and they encourage students to take the time to fill out a comment slip.