Chemistry instructor gets pied

IV Leader staff

Chemistry Professor Matt Johll took a pie to the face March 14 — all for a good cause.
In celebration of Pi Day and Einstein’s Birthday, IVCC’s Math Club Indefinite Limit planned a raffle fund-raiser involving clubs, organizations and administrators at IVCC. People were allowed to purchase tickets, and they then placed their tickets in jars representing the various organizations.
The person who had raised the most money would get pied at the conclusion of the celebration.
When the money was counted, the winner was Johll, who arrived in the courtyard and donned safety goggles and a white lab jacket.
Student Erich Jauch was selected to throw the whipped cream pie and he delivered the pie directly to his target.
Money raised through the Pi Day celebration is split between the winning group and programs that supply school supplies to local children. The programs, HUSKY and School Tools, are administered through local offices of the United Way.
“I’m so proud of the group of students from Indefinite Limit who worked tirelessly to put on such a great event in honor of Pi Day and Einstein’s Birthday!” said Dawn Wiggins, faculty advisor for the club. “Their partnership with SGA and TEACH benefitted both the IVCC community and local children in need. Thanks to everyone who helped make this event a huge success.”
For his part, Johll represented IVCC’s Chem Club in the raffle.
Other entrants in the raffle were Indefinite Limit Math Club, Wiggins; Support Staff Project, Tracy Morris; International Club, Amanda Cook-Fesperman; Dead Poets Society, Mark Brown; Student Government Association, Cory Tomasson.
Indefinite Limit also partnered with fellow campus group TEACH to collect school supplies that will be donated to the local United Way programs HUSKY and School Tools.
Besides the pie throwing, Indefinite Limit also sponsored it inaugural artistic competition. Winners were Samantha Dahl, first place; Chris Anderson, second place; and J.D. Lewis, Quentin J. Buffington, Paige Rochetto, honorable mentions.
Judges were English professors Mark Brown and Kim Radek and Math professor Dawn Wiggins.
Free pie and cake, sponsored by Indefinite Limit and SGA, were also distributed.