Tuition increase, daycare topics at board meeting

Haley Petre, IV Leader Staff

The Illinois Valley Community College Board of Trustees approved a nearly 10 percent tuition increase on Feb. 21
The board also agreed to the closing of the campus early childhood daycare center during the two-hour meeting.
The board voted on an $8.25 tuition increase. The increase will be applied to credit hours, raising the cost from $76.13 to $84.38. The tuition increase will begin this summer, according to a press release from the college.
College officials have said that even with the increase, IVCC will still have one of the lowest tuition charges in the state.
Dianne Christianson, early childhood education program coordinator, suggested that the daycare program be terminated.
Construction of the new technology building on campus forced the center to move to a new location. According to a survey taken of the 18 parents who send their children to the IVCC daycare, only three were willing to relocate their children at a new site.
IVCC has been working with La Salle Cares on a new daycare program and the administration expressed willingness to continue working with that group for community daycare.