Parking stickers required for cars in student lots


New parking stickers required at IVCC identify the student parking lots where it is permitted to park. Students can get the stickers at in Admissions and Records.

Emma Lipka, IV Leader Staff

Students are now required to register their vehicles with IVCC Campus Security.
With construction of the new Community Technology Center beginning, parking restrictions were deemed necessary in order to prevent students from parking in restricted areas, such as fire lanes, staff parking lots and visitors’ areas.
Students may pick up the registration form within the Admissions and Records Office. There is no fee to register a car, and a student may register as many as needed.
Basic information regarding the vehicle’s make, model, year, and color are needed for registration. Also, the students’ address, phone number and IVCC ID number are required.
A purple IVCC decal will be received upon completion of the registration form. This is to be placed in the windshield on the passenger side.
One benefit to students registering their vehicles is in case of any emergency situation, the owners will be contacted easily.
Also, if a student has left their car lights on, it will be easier to identify who the vehicle belongs to and inform that student.
Tracy Morris, associate vice president for student services, said, “The reason behind the permits is to allow the campus security to find and notify the student if there are any issues with their cars.
“Unfortunately last summer we had a problem with their being a fire in the parking lot; some students cars were damaged and there was no way for us to contact them.”
Morris also stated that at this time there is no need for fines to be instated.
“Fines are not good for student relation and neither is towing a student’s car if they are parked in the wrong spot, the parking permits allow us to find the student before taking more drastic measures, like towing their cars.”