Parking Decals Needed for Student Parking

Saralyn Simpson, IV Leader Staff

Starting on February 22, decals will be available in the main lobby for parking. Don’t worry about the price; they’re free! Just register your vehicle by giving your car information and license plate number. If you take more than one car to school, you can receive two decals, one for each car. The reason for using the stickers is for emergencies. It makes it easier for administration to contact you if something is wrong in the parking lot or your car. The decal will need to be placed on the front windshield on the passenger side. If you miss your chance to get a decal in the lobby, you can head to campus security or the registration office to receive one.

As you may have noticed, construction in parking lot 7 has started. A new entrance is being added and parking spaces are being taken up during the process. Administration asks for your patience on changing your parking and walking route until everything is finished.