Heath Care Service Opens

Emma Lipka, IV Leader Staff

There soon will be an answer for ill students who must attend classes: Illinois Valley Community Hospital will open a walk-in clinic called CampusCare on February.

Modeled after IVCH’s FastCare clinic located inside the Peru Walmart, CampusCare will treat minor ailments such as cold and flu symptoms, ear infections, sore throats, and even bladder infections. Lab services will also be provided, including pregnancy and rapid strep tests.

CampusCare will be located downstairs near the cafeteria, in room C105 B. Starting Tuesday February 21, this walk-in clinic will be open 7-11:30 a.m. every Monday, Tuesday, and Thursday. A flat, student friendly fee of $57 is required per patient for each visit.

IVCC student Joe Hufnagel claims, “While a clinic is a great idea, I feel a fee for the service may push away those who need medical help but lack the funds to receive the care they need.”

Staffed by certified family nurse practitioner Chris Greene, IVCH CampusCare will be a great convenience to students who are feeling under the weather and do not have time to wait in a stuffy doctor’s office for medical help.