Blocked entrance first of many changes during CTC construction



This notice was posted to alert students that the east entrance to the campus has been closed due to construction of the Community Technology Center. Eventually, the main lobby entrance will be closed as well and a new entrance through Admissions will be utilized during the construction

Matthew Gerding, IV Leader Editor

Students wanting to enter from the east door in the Cultural Center will have a slightly longer walk from now on.

As of Feb. 8, the east door leading into Building F, otherwise known as the Cultural Center, was blocked off in anticipation of the construction starting on the new Community Technology Center building.

Before construction can fully begin, a small detail needs to be addressed. A new door is scheduled to be built in another area of the school.

“[The] first thing that will need to happen is the contractor will need to first make accommodations for everyone by setting up a temporary new front door near admissions and records. My guess is the new door will be in place and a walkway to it in four to six weeks,” says IVCC President Jerry Corcoran.

Work on the CTC started Jan. 30 when the construction crew started bringing trucks and equipment. A fence has been erected to block off access to the east door, walkway, and grass area leading to Parking Lot 7.

Parking changes also are being made. “During construction we are asking that Lot 7 be used for East Campus parking only,” says Tracy Morris, associate vice president for student services.