Mary Black: A not-so-new face on campus

Emma Lipka, IV Leader Staff

For the first time since her career at IVCC started, Mary Black is about to experience her first semester of full time teaching.
After working as an adjunct instructor since 1999, Black will be teaching full-time in the Math Learning Center.
For any students who have had the pleasure of speaking with Black, one can instantly detect a slight accent in her voice.
Black attended Delta State in Cleveland, Miss., where she received two bachelor’s degrees; one in math and the other in education. She received her master’s degree in instructional design technology from Illinois Western University.
Before being employed at IVCC Black taught in La Moille for three years.
“I love teaching. It’s not what I started out for, but it’s what I’m supposed to do.”
Black lives with her husband, IVCC math instructor Wes Black and their two daughters, Bethany and Rachel.
A note to students who have Black as an instructor, she admits that she did not always receive straight A’s in her math classes. She viewed math as a puzzle, a pastime she greatly enjoys, and “wants her students to know they can do it.”
Black’s office is located inside the Math Learning Center, room B-203. She is more than willing to interact with students, so do not be shy to stop in and ask her a math related question!