Math instructor retires after nearly 35 years


Nicole Washelesky, IVLeader Staff

Linda Mudge has graced IVCC’s math instructional center with her bright smiles, warm welcomes and ability to help others. At the end of the Spring semester, Mrs. Mudge will be leaving the IVCC family to enjoy her own personal family during her retirement. Throughout her 34 ½ years as an instructor Mrs. Mudge has seen many changes occur in the buildings as well as in the students. When she first began teaching the Math Lab was actually located by where the auto-mech building is today. Linda taught for 10 years in a classroom teaching Math 0906- Basic Algebra until she finally resided in the Math Lab.

As student worker in the Math lab, Erich Jauch says “I’ve really enjoyed the time I have got to work with Mrs. Mudge and I feel I have learned a lot about teaching math”. Mrs. Mudge will miss the bonds she has created with her faculty members as well as all the students, “I will always remember that moment when you know a student understands and continues to come back for help”.

As an alumni of IVCC, NIU and Saint Xavier, Mrs. Mudge received the highly achieved status of Master of the Arts in teaching and leadership with a bachelors in Math education. Mrs. Mudge has taught at IVCC from 1972-1973, stopping to complete her degree and then continuing her employment from 1978 to her retirement in the Spring.