Hidden Gem: ‘The Umbrella Academy’

Payton Erricson, IV Leader Columnist

Netflix’s “The Umbrella Academy” is a recent release that not enough people know about. This comic-book-turned superhero series seems to have some major details that do not follow the comic. Spoilers for Season 1 will follow. “The Umbrella Academy” was released on Netflix Feb. 15 and has been slowly gaining popularity ever since.

One of the more appealing details to viewers is that Gerard Way of the band My Chemical Romance wrote the comic book and took part in creating the soundtrack. Way’s soundtrack is composed of a score of classics that allow everyone to reminisce, and some of his own songs tend to make an appearance.

While the soundtrack is a delightful addition, the show has a plethora of defining qualities. Adriana Avila, a current IVCC student and Netflix enthusiast, said, “I liked that it was out of the box. It’s not like your basic TV show where it’s very predictable.”

The show seems to be making you think one thing about the plot line, but then completely sideswiping
your assumptions. Even though this show is adapted from a comic book, some viewers think that it is the right blend of comic book action with TV series drama story.

Avila agrees that the show pulled of this blend: “I feel like they did because I’m kind of picky about shows. If I’m watching a show and I can predict it, then I stop watching it. And your imagination can only do so much, especially with a comic book, whereas in a novel you have descriptive words.”

While the majority of viewers who have watched “The Umbrella Academy” seem to enjoy it, some of the die-hard comic book fans have noticed some parts of the show don’t exactly follow the comic. Maya Phillips from Vulture compiled a list of some of the key differences between the two.

For starters, Ben makes much less of an appearance in the comic than he does in the show. Also, the character of Detective Patch was actually Inspector Lupo, an old grumpy detective. Another difference is that in the show Klaus ends up time traveling himself back to the Vietnam War where he fights for a year and falls in love.

In the comic, Luther, Klaus and Diego are trying to help their other siblings by time traveling, but instead get stuck in the Vietnam War where Klaus opens a bar and even has a child.

Lastly, in the end scene where Vanya has grabbed everyone with her powers, Allison shoots a gun right next to Vanya’s head which overwhelms her and knocks her out. In the comic, as she is preparing to kill her, Luther, Klaus and Diego, Five shoots her in the head and paralyzes her.

While some differences can be seen between the comic and the show, it does not seem to stop people from watching it, which is why it has been renewed for another season. Season 2 is on its way!