‘Friends:’ I Won’t Be There for This Show

Noah Currie, IV Leader Columnist

If you wanna watch a show about some upper middle-class characters with no real problems, bad humor and terrible season finales then this show is for you. The show “Friends” is about a group of six people that get into stupid situations and never solve their problems correctly.

For example, there is an episode where the character Phoebe gets $7,000 for finding a thumb in her drink and is more upset about the money she has than the thumb. In another episode, Rachel is told to be careful sitting in a chair, doesn’t listen and then breaks it. Later on, in that same episode they just solve the problem by everyone buying new chairs, rather than telling Rachel what she did was wrong!

There is another episode where they try to win the lottery—Phoebe ends up throwing all of their tickets out the window and isn’t punished for it in any way. In all of these episodes, it seems that no one suffers any consequence for what they do, and if they are punished a couple of episodes later, they are better than they were before!

This show is also completely obsessed with romantic relationships. It seems like every other episode they are talking about how they just met a new romantic partner or on how they don’t know if the significant other that they are with is marriage material.

Monica talks about marriage, her job or cleaning. Phoebe just has a random past that the writers change to make her fit into the episode. Joey just talks about sleeping with girls or makes jokes about it. Ross is an annoying crybaby who gets mad at everyone and obsesses over Rachel.

Rachel is my least favorite character on the show, who is a spoiled brat that complains when she doesn’t get her way. Chandler is alright, though. My least favorite part of the show is that whenever they come across a real, serious moment, just before they get to the climax of the problem, they end with someone saying something very dramatic.

The lack of money episode, “The One With Five Steaks and an Eggplant,” is the main example of it. In that episode, the three poorer characters bring up to the others that they can’t keep on going out to eat at these fancy places.

Later on, the rich ones want to go to a concert for someone’s birthday, so they buy the others tickets. The poor ones don’t accept the tickets and don’t go. Once the rich ones get back from the concert they all start fighting, but then all of a sudden one of them gets a call, saying she is fired. They all stop fighting and hug as it fades to black.

Dumb endings and dumb show.