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Miseducation and ‘Fifty Shades of Grey’

Kellsie Edgcomb, Staff Writer

April 6, 2017

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Many know the franchise of “Fifty Shades of Grey” as a pop culture phenomenon; the erotic novel seemed to appear overnight on the nightstands and e-readers of millions of housewives. There have been both strongly negative...

Future IVCC students visit at Open House

Akari Oya, Iv Leader Photo Editor

April 4, 2017

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RWSS Lab to close

Alyssa McCauley and Martha Hoffman

February 16, 2017

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Despite protests, the IVCC board decided Feb. 9 to close the Reading, Writing and Study Skills Lab, beginning with the summer session, partly because of the lack of funds coming from the state due to the budget crisis.“English...

Board forced to make more cuts in response to budget

Sarah Tipton

February 16, 2017

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Hello IVCC students. As you all probably know by now, Illinois is in a crisis. The Illinois budget crisis continues to impact higher education in the state. During February’s board meeting, the board decided to pass two major...

Edible Car Contest to be held in cafeteria

Alyssa McCauley, Staff Writer

February 16, 2017

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IVCC’s annual Edible Car contest race will take place on Wed, Feb. 22, at noon in the cafeteria, and the judges will be viewing the cars prior to the race beginning at 10a.m.    Anyone can enter this contest as long as the...

Look for positive role models to learn who you will become

Savanna Weitzel, IV Leader Copy Editor

January 27, 2017

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In one way or another, the way you conduct your life is entirely due to the types of role models you have spent the most time with. Whether these role models are friends, parents, guardians or much older siblings, in my opinion...

Spreading knowledge, not diseases: a study on STDs

Ken Murphy, Daniela Rios, Sarah Tipton, and Gabriela Hilgart

January 26, 2017

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Honor students Ken Murphy, Daniela Rios, Sarah Tipton and Gabriela Hilgart created a survey distributed at Illinois Valley Community College to test the knowledge of students about STD’s. IVCC Institutional Research Department’s...

Kinzinger discuses leadership, time in office at leadership summit

Maddi Loiselle and Aelsa Butler

December 1, 2016

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Adam Kinzinger gathered with high school students from across the 16th Congressional District for the Fourth Annual Leadership Summit on Nov. 9 at IVCC in the Cultural Center, where he spoke to them about being a leader.   ...

IV Leader is the student newspaper of Illinois Valley Community College