Exploring the Future

Elle Bottom

November 29, 2018

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     Explore IVCC, an event for prospective and current students to explore all of the possibilities offered at IVCC, was executed on Nov.14.      Before the event began, there was a...

Stand With IVCC’s Adjunct Teachers

November 20, 2018

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Just over 25 percent of Illinois Val- ley Community College’s classes are taught by adjunct faculty, accordingto the Quick Facts information on thecollege’s web site. Day in and day out, these commit- ...

SGA Freshmen Elected

November 19, 2018

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Mackenzie Brady of La Salle has been elected freshman representative of the Illinois Valley Community College Student Government Association following recent freshman elections. Isabel Pozzi of Dalzell and Chelse...

Hispanic Leadership Team ‘sweet cases’ Project to Benefit Illinois Valley Foster Teenagers

Summer Hoagland-Abernathy, IV Leader Editor-in-Chief

November 19, 2018

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Foster teenagers across the Illinois Valley only had garbage bags to hold their belongings until IVCC’s His- panic Leadership Team raised $600 this semester to help end this problem with “sweet cases.” Team members traveled door-to-door, asking lo- cal businesses from Princeton, Spring Valley, Streator, Depue, Mendota and LaSalle-Peru to donate to the cause, which will help children who go through the Illi- nois Valley Youth Service Bureau. The original objective was to raise enough money to buy reusable bags for the children to keep and to stuff them with gifts. However, according to Vice Presidentof the Hispanic Leadership Team, Erick Rosales, not only was the goal of $600 met, but the team collected a myriad of donations in the form of supplies as well. St. Margaret’s Hospital donated 30 duffle bags sothat the team would have more money to spend on sup-plies; Flower Mart in LaSalle sent stuffed animals andOSF HealthCare donated wallets, shirts, notepads and chapstick. The Hispanic Leadership Team will also be order- ing from Amazon hygiene products, travel kits, socks,fleece blankets, nail polish, deodorant and body spray. Said Rosales, “We were trying to do something to kind of... brighten [a foster child’s] day, I guess you could day. It’s something nicer for them to be able toput all their stuff in.” The Youth Service Bureau’s Coordinator of Home-less Services, Kelly Shymanski, can attest to how muchthe “sweet cases” come in handy for the foster children. She explained, “These bags give them something tocarry their possessions in, and it’s something of their own. It can be awkward to ask a stranger for shampoo, deodorant or a toothbrush, so it’s nice that these bags contain these type of items. We want the youth to feel welcome, so anything we can do helps.” According to Shymanski, this donation is actuallynot the first round of “sweet bags” to go through the Illinois Valley Youth Service Bureau, but where the first sets went to younger children, these duffle bags will be geared specifically to 12 to 18 years olds. The Hispanic Leadership Team will soon be choos- ing dates for the team and volunteers to pack and send the bags to the bureau. And even though the donations have been collected already, it’s still not too late to give to this cause. For in-formation on how you can donate, Sara Dady, staff ad- visor for the Hispanic Leadership Team, can be reached at 815-224-0355, and donations can be made to IVCC Hispanic Leadership Team. ...

Rodrigues Named 21st Century Scholar

September 19, 2018

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Lillian Rodrigues of Mendota was named 21st Cen-tury Scholar at the twelfth annual 21st Century Schol-ars Society dinner at Uptown Grill in La Salle Thursdaynight. Rodrigues, who received $3,000 for the award, plans...

Say Yes to Your Flaws

Matthew Klein, IV Leader Staff Writer

September 19, 2018

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Luke Tomsha, founder of The Perfect- ly Flawed Foundation, told his story to anIVCC psychology class on Thursday, Sept. 6. Tomsha has a bachelor’s degree in En-gineering from the University of Illinoisand a son named Kash and is a former her-oin addict. He is the founder of The Perfectly Flawed Foundation, which is a local not- for-profit focused on strengthening com-munities affected by substance abuse by investing in children, individuals, and ed-ucation. Tomsha explained what he and The Perfectly Flawed Foundation are doing to-day to fight the ongoing opioid battle. According to perfectlyflawed.org, “Luke leads a life of fulfillment through community action and helping children and individuals affected by addiction, one small step at a time. Luke is a supporter of harm-reduction and emphasizes focusing on small wins and any positive change. “Whether it be medical-assisted treat-ment, abstinence-based programs, or more holistic approaches, Luke believes addic-tion is not a one size fits all package and advocates for multiple pathways to re-covery. Luke is an active member of the Illinois Opioid Crisis Response Advisory Council. He also speaks to groups in the Midwest about his experiences in hopes of educating the unsuspecting public about how the Opioid Crisis is slowly destroying our communities from within”. The Perfectly Flawed Foundation just launched its Community Partners Pro-gram. The program collaborates with local businesses and allows children the oppor-tunity to unlock their potential in enrich-ment activities such as art, music, karate, yoga, and more, as well as support through counseling. The aim of the program is to give chil-dren something to say “Yes” to. Learn more about Tomsha and The Per-fectly Flawed Foundation at www.perfect-lyflawed.org ...

Numbers Down, Morale Up

Rachel Maggio, IV Leader Web Editor

August 30, 2018

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Back-to-school season has officially arrived, and students are getting back into their normal routines to have a successful start to their school year. Comparing numbers from the first day of school this year and the first...

Noteworthy Photos That Didn’t Make It To Print

Kyle Russell

June 1, 2018

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As a small tri weekly paper we often find ourselves without the space to run certain articles or photos in each issue. The following are just a few of my favorite images that we just didn’t have that crucial space to get to...

Farewell part III

Rachel Einhaus, Opinion Editor

April 26, 2018

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After graduation, I will be heading off to Northern Illinois University where I will continue to study journalism and psychology. It will be a huge change, and I will miss this paper and school tremendously. This school...

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