‘Legally Blonde’ is ‘So Fun It Should Be Illegal’

“Legally Blonde: The Musical,” a fabulously fun and award-winning musical based on the adored movie, is action-packed and exploding with memorable songs and dynamic dances. This show is so fun it should be illegal!

The show is a musical romantic comedy about a southern California girl named Elle who never takes no for an answer.

The musical starts off when Elle’s boyfriend Warner dumps her for not being serious about her future. Elle turns her attention from fashion to books and enrolls in Harvard Law School to win him back.

While there, she struggles with peers, professors and her ex, but she also meets a new group of friends. Emmet, a teaching assistant with a working class background, and Paulette, an Ireland-obsessed hairdresser and a Greek chorus made up of UCLA sorority sisters help Elle quickly realize her potential, and she sets out to prove herself to the world.

Director and choreographer Don Grant Zellmer is very excited to put on Legally Blonde as this year’s musical. Unlike most traditional shows, Legally
Blonde brings a different energy to the stage with its plot, dialogue, and choreography. Legally Blonde brings a more comedic energy than usual.

According to Zellmer, choreography practice just started Monday and the cast is enjoying it very much.

Zellmer describes the music as “happy and infectious,” making the choreography “high voltage” with a more contemporary and hip-hop feel to the
movements on stage.

One of Zellmer’s positive comments about the cast is how diversely talented they are. Everyone in the cast has unique strengths and are quick to help each other, making things such as stage blocking and choreography go smoothly for the cast and crew.

Zellmer added that a lot of the cast truly just falls into who their characters are, mentioning that in some cases the actors are so much like the characters they are playing that it’s like watching friends interact in everyday life.

“With this particular cast and this particular show it is just so much fun and it will really take you by surprise,” Zellmer commented when asked what he is most excited about with this show. “There are so many characters to fall in love with. I think the audience will be surprised the way I was when I first saw it on how they took a good movie and turned it into a great musical.”

Zellmer also plays the role of Callahan, Elle’s professor at Harvard Law.

IVCC alumnus Emily Pytel plays the lead role of Elle Woods.

For Pytel, playing the role of Elle was a must ever since the musical first came out in 2007. As a young girl, Pytel loved the movie Legally Blonde and is overjoyed to be able to play one of her favorite childhood movie characters.

Due to the fact of her being sick last year only a week before the opening night of Mamma Mia, Pytel is most challenged with keeping her voice healthy as she is talking very much throughout the show, as well as singing.

Pytel said that the audience can come and watch and expect to have a good time, sympathize with characters, and laugh.

“If you’ve seen the movie, it’s just like the movie except 10 times better,” Pytel said.

Tickets are for sale starting March 16 at $20 for the public and $15 for high school students and below. IVCC students are admitted free with a student
ID. For more information visit ivcc.edu/theatre.