‘Tales of Terror’ haunts the hallways of IVCC

Lindsey Choate, IV Leader Staff Writer

On Friday, Oct. 30, people of all ages filled IVCC’s Cultural Center for a night of spooky stories, chilling performances, and
flashy musical numbers.

“Tales of Terror,” performed by IVCC’s theater department, was a one-night-only, Halloween-themed show that offered a
variety of performances.

The night began as people filed into the Cultural Center, while performers dressed as zombies were sprawled across chairs in
the audience, while others lay on the floor.

The performance came to life when music began to play, and the “zombies” did the classic dance to Michael Jackson’s “Thriller.”

After that, however, the atmosphere became darker as the storytelling began. Performers, lined up across the stage and dressed in all black, were illuminated by flashlights as one by one, they told eerie short stories that were each no more than
five sentences long.

The rest of the performances of the night alternated between scary and fun. Some segments of the show were definitely
creepy and thought-provoking enough to bring out some subconscious fears that most people can relate to.

This was the case for much of the storytelling, where one person would come onto the stage with only a chair as their prop
and tell a story as a certain character.

However, between many of the stories were other acts which helped to lighten the atmosphere every once in awhile, including
a “freak show” and a stunning performance of “I’ll Put a Spell on You.” which was arguably the highlight of the entire show.

Overall, IVCC’s “Tales of Terror” was a wonderful show of dancing, singing, acting, and storytelling.

Though some parts may have been a bit too scary for children, the sequence of the segments of the show was well-balanced to
alternate scary and fun.

Overall, it was a great way to get in the Halloween spirit and to enjoy a talent-filled performance.