Harry Styles performs in Love On Tour


Izabella Nanez

STYLIN’ Harry Styles performs during his tour stop in Chicago

Izabella Nanez, Staff Writer

A feather boa, an outfit you look good and comfortable in, and that’s all you need to have the best night ever at a Harry Styles concert.

I recently experienced a Harry Styles concert at the United Center in Chicago during his residency, in which he would perform for six nights. I had tickets to go to the Thursday, October 6th show, which was supposed to be the first show to kick off the beginning of a sequence of shows, however, the concert was canceled due to illness within the band and was rescheduled for Monday, October 10th. Upon hearing this news, I was disappointed and sad because I had been looking forward to this concert for months and had preparations for the show. But I was grateful that they were able to reschedule the show within a few days instead of completely canceling it or postponing it to a much farther date.

On the day of the concert, I had classes to attend beforehand and I couldn’t concentrate on any of them to save my life. My mind was too preoccupied with the Harry Styles concert, what time my friends and I would leave, what I’m going to eat before the concert, what merch do I want to purchase when I get there, and so many other thoughts running around my mind.

After finishing school for the day, my mind was now in ‘concert mode’. I had my bags packed to get ready at my friend’s sister’s apartment and it was time for us to leave town. We were about a half hour from the apartment and horror came upon me. I realized that I had forgotten to put the dress that I was going to wear, back into my bag. I immediately told my friends and we made a quick pitstop at a nearby Target to find a new dress.

At this point, we were on a bit of a time crunch so I had to quickly try on a few dresses as fast as I can. I settled on a red, satin dress that would go well with the other accessories I had packed.

We made it to the apartment, got ready, and hit the road to United Center. When arriving there were many boa feathers scattered around the ground and we knew we were in the right place.

There were many people there, it was like a bee hive. All of us concertgoers swarming around taking pictures, buying merch and food, and getting ready to see the queen bee, Harry Styles.

We sat in the one-hundred section and had a spectacular view of the stage. When sitting and playing the waiting game, I was antsy and beaming with excitement. The atmosphere was welcoming and comforting because everyone around felt the same way.

When it was showtime, the crowd went crazy. I never felt so alive and carefree. Seeing him on the stage performing songs that I always sang in my room or in my car was a surreal moment. I had to pinch myself a few times to make sure I was awake and not in a dream.

The colors that were displayed fit perfectly with the songs he would sing. He was interactive with the crowd and danced the night away with thousands of other people.

Harry knows how to put on a show with his impressive singing skills that would involve a few note changes in some songs and his dancing skills as well. He kept us entertained constantly.

Harry ended his Chicago residency on Saturday, Oct. 15, and then started his L.A. residency with a total of 15 shows beginning Oct. 23.