‘Ghost in the Shell’ Proves Refreshing

Avery Scott, IV Leader Columnist

Although there are a lot of movies like it, “Ghost in the Shell” was a refreshing spin on a sci-fi action adventure. My first thought of the movie was “oh, man, this reminds me of ‘Blade Runner!’”

It’s set in a distant future world where humans and technology have basical-
ly become one. People use cybernetic enhancements to improve their lives, anywhere from robotic fingers to type faster, to bionic livers so they can drink more at the end of the day without damaging their bodies. It seems like a cyberpunks dream.

I can’t say enough good things about this movie’s aesthetic. This is an intelli- gent movie with the spirit of a beloved animated classic to carry it.

The cast was decent. Scarlett Johansson plays an emotionless half-human, half-robot surprisingly well. The supporting cast left a lot to be desired.

The separation between the animated series and this live action adaptation was a little far, but it was good as far as anime adaptions go, which isn’t very far. I’m prepared to take one for the team and say that this movie is fairly decent.

There are some problems with the pacing. I was strug- gling to find the climax of the film and follow the overall story arch. That did not make the action scenes any less en- joyable, however; in fact, that made it more fun to watch.

You may not enjoy this movie if you’re an avid Avengers fan, but if you appreciate sci-fi, you’ll like “Ghost in the Shell.”