A New Era of Game

Stas C., Columnist

Most people can say they
have played a video game in their
lifetime, but the new generation
of gamers has something that just
might be the biggest and best one

We can only be talking about
Riot Games’ very own “Valorant”—a game so big that it once
clocked in over 34 million watch
hours by viewers in a single day!
Talk about setting standards:
this game is revolutionizing the

Valorant was released on June
4, 2020 and is already a booming
sensation. A tactical character-based 5v5 shooter game, it
expertly combines funky animation with strategic gameplay. The
game is played on keyboard.

Compared to controller
gaming, keyboard gaming takes
an extra amount of skill to learn,
which creates a more competetive
environment for players.

The game is also free! That’s
right—free to all players around
the world. Riot profits from the
game by offering skins for each
of the weapons. These skins are
simply cosmetic items that can be
used to show off your collection
to other players.

Another prominent feature of
the game is its awesome integration of team chat and lobby
messaging. You can communicate
with your team with the click of
a button to bring an element of
extra enjoyment to the game. You
can also communicate via chat to
the opposing team (and rub it in
their face when you beat them!)

There are nearly 20 million
average monthly players on Valorant, and that number is growing
as more and more people discover
the fun that comes with Valorant’s installation.