Premiere of ‘Grunella, The Story Stealer’


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“Grunella, The Story Stealer” Cast

“Grunella, The Story Stealer” has premiered on the IVCC Fine Arts YouTube channel. Due to COVID-19, the students were not able to perform for a live audience, so the cast recorded the play live to tell the story of Grunella.

The play became available to view by the community on Nov. 24 and can be watched at

The cast consists of David Zuniga as Prince Charming, Emma Elmore as Cinderella, Madeleine Hunter as Grunella, Rattryna Yim as the Magic Mirror, Macy Anderson as Enchantra, Zoe Starkey as Snow White and Reid Rynke as Winston.

“Grunella, The Story Stealer” was directed and written by IVCC’s Dr. David A. Kuester with Chad Brokaw as Technical Director. Alyce Scott and Ashley Hurst served as Production Assistants for the play.

As someone who was a part of the play myself, I can say that recording a play is something I have never done. Recording the play was a learning experience in itself. I had to learn how to address the camera instead of addressing the audience. The best part about doing any type of live theatre is performing to the audience. The atmosphere was so different without the live reactions. In the end, it was still great to get to act on stage in costume, with a set, and props. Even if it was only for a camera.

The Christmas theatre show “Jingle All The Way” will not be put on this year, due to the lack of people who auditioned. The theatre department hopes to be able to put on a musical at some point in the year, so be on the lookout for announcements on all of the IVCC Fine Arts social media.