Hispanic Heritage Month events recap


Itzia Casas

Mendota’s Folklorico Dance group, “De Colores,” performs in IVCC’s Cultural Centre.

Itzia Casas, IV Leader Columnist

Sept. 15 through Oct. 15 is known across the globe as Hispanic Heritage Month. People from all Spanish-speaking countries come together to celebrate their culture, their people, and all the trials and tribulations their communities have had to face in order to get where they are currently,

Here at IVCC, the Hispanic Leadership Team, led by Sara Escatel and Aseret Loveland, put together three major events on Campus, being led by students, for the enjoyment of not only IVCC students and faculty but for the Illinois Valley community.

One event focused on the individual experiences as a Hispanic in the Illinois Valley. Students within the Hispanic Leadership Team created PowerPoints talking about what their future goals were, their positive and negative experiences, as well as their families and traditions.

On Oct. 13, Mendota Folklorico Dance group, “De Colores,” came to campus and performed a series of traditional dances in the auditorium. People of all different ages, backgrounds, and ethnicities were present in enjoying the wonderful performance.

For any IVCC students interested in joining the Hispanic Leadership Team, please contact Sara Escatel at [email protected] or Aseret Loveland at [email protected] for more information.