Cast of ‘Grunella’ released

Macy Anderson, IV Leader Columnist

Practices have been in full effect for “Grunella, The Story Stealer.”

The cast of “Grunella” includes: Madeleine Hunter as Grunella, Macy Anderson as Enchantra, Zoey Starkey as Snow White, Reid Rynke as Winston, David Zuniga as Prince Charming, Emma Elmore as Cinderella, and Rattryna Yim as the Magic Mirror.

The crew members for this production are; Ashley Hurst, Production Assistant, Maryanna Amaral and Andrew Paden.

Due to the constant changes in COVID mitigation, for the safety of the audience and cast, this production will be recorded and streamed on the IVCC Fine Arts YouTube Channel. The premiere will stream on YouTube the week of Monday, Nov. 22.

IVCC will also be putting on the Theatre departments annual show, Jingle All The Way! The production dates for that show will be Dec. 3, 4, and 5.