Sci-fi film on seven sisters, one identity



“What Happened to Monday” movie poster.

Itzia X. Casas, IV Leader Columnist

After being on my “to watch” movie list, I was finally able to sit down and view the dystopian sci-fi action-thriller “What Happened to Monday” by Director Tommy Wirkola, featuring Noomi Rapace, William Dafoe, Gleen Close, and Marwan Kenzari as some of the main cast.

The film takes place in the early 2070s, and after the continuous rise in population, the director of the Child Allocation, Nicole Cayman (Glenn Close), proposes a one-child policy in an attempt to “save” humanity by rationing their resources.

While the policy is in place, a woman gives birth to septuplets, ultimately dying in the process, leaving all seven girls in the custody of their grandfather, Terrance Settman (William Dafoe). Determined to keep all his granddaughters alive, Settman comes up with a plan to name each girl after their own day of the week, the day on which they are allowed to leave the house.

Altogether, the seven girls make up the single identity of Karen Settman (Noomi Rapace), sharing the name with their late mother. The story follows all seven sisters in their tedious and detail-oriented daily routine that they must follow to keep up the facade of being an only child, even going as far as having to replicate any injury that any of the sisters have, to keep them identical.

People close to “Karen Settman” begin to become suspicious of her (their) identity, resulting in an unnerving, suspenseful, action-packed race to try to survive, and keep their secret from being revealed.

Then, Monday, the first Settman Sister, the original “Karen Settman”, disappears, leaving the rest of the sisters in a frenzy to not get exposed while trying to figure out, What Happened To Monday? 

Noomi Rapace is a Swedish-born actress born in 1979, known for playing in ALIEN: Covenant and the 2009 version of The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo.

Rapace’s acting history has proven just how versatile she can be, as well as expressing her insane ability to transform herself into very, very challenging characters for her roles.

In “What Happened to Monday,” Rapace plays all seven Settman siblings simultaneously, giving each character their own personality and movement. Playing twins as a single actor/actress is already a big task, but Rapace took it to a whole nother level in the 2017 film.

While each sister did have their own different style, personality, and overall “Look” and “feel” to them, Rapace was able to display their differences even when multiple sisters were wearing the exact same outfit, hairstyle, and makeup.

As an audience member, at the beginning of the film, it seems that they really are molded together as one identity, however, after seeing how each sister contributes, you are able to really feel like you know them separately, ultimately leading you to notice the minuscule details that Noomi Rapace was able to incorporate in each character separately to where you feel which sister she is playing, even if you are not entirely sure if it Monday, Friday, or even Saturday.  

I would highly, highly recommend this 123-minute movie to anyone regardless of their movie genre preference, because I feel as though it is such a mind-boggling, complex, crazy unique story that is able to captivate with all the plot twist, as well as bring up a conversation on climate change, and what happens after we, as humans, use of all of Earth resources, without figuring out a way to give them back or make more.