Film Review: The Host

Hallie Hellman, Iv Leader Staff

It is hard to imagine the disappearance of humanity as we know it. Out Earth without true humans walking on it is not something that we think about very often.

In this film, “The Host,” humans are taken and an unknown parasite is put into their brain which turns them into a being that trusts everyone and is always honest. They do this because they are trying to create the perfect world, and they believe that humanity as we know it is not the way we are going to get a perfect new world.

These parasites come from different worlds and cycle through the lives of others over and over again.  When a particular parasite enters a girl named Melanie, Melanie remain conscious and discovers she is able to communicate with the parasite that is controlling her from within. This has rarely happened before over the years of using these parasites. People who possess this ability have been killed in the past. Melanie keeps quiet about it for some reason because she wants to know more.

They end up naming the parasite Wander. Wander listens to Melanie and escapes to find her family so she can tell them that she is still conscious and that she is in fact still alive. They do make it to her family and after a while of warming up they finally figure out that Wander is good and that Melanie is still inside of her. At the end of the story, they get Melanie back to her real human form, and they also transfer Wander into a new body that way she can stay with them and continue to be happy in her new life.  Melanie and Wander become best friends and Wander gets invited to stay and live together with them even though she is not human like the rest of her friend group is.

It was a very interesting movie, and I would recommend you give the movie a try and see what you think of it.  Everyone has their own voice and own opinion. Who knows? This could be the world that we are heading towards. This could truly be our future as we know it. I suppose we will just have to find out!