Boy’s of Fall’s “Distance”


Boy’s of Fall has released their new album, Distance

Ryan Grieves, IV Leader Staff

Distance by Boys of Fall is the band’s third major album and a bold stylistic showing. An alt-rock band from Detroit with a cult following, Boys of Fall has been kicking around tracks together for over a decade.

With Distance, Boys of Fall kicks up the energy with a track-list that hits harder than ever before. At 10 tracks coming in at about 33 minutes, Distance seems to tell a story of emotional turmoil and hardship in life.

Up first we’ve got the title track Distance, starting off with love-sick vocals over a nice melodic riff, then building up and exploding into a track that demands to be heard. This song sets the stage for the second of the album, Midnight.

Distance and Midnight intertwine nicely to tell the story of heartbreak, with the third track of the record Worth it portraying its aftermath. Tracks four and five, Mad Sad and Little Disaster, pick up that catchy pop punk sound that leaves them bouncing around in your head for days.

It’s at about track six in the album that we begin a bit of a back and forth with tracks six through ten alternating between low and high energy. Track six titled Rain introduces an almost slow Lo-Fi feeling to the album, sounding somewhat as if it’s echoing to you from another room, then leading straight back into the heavier and faster paced Heavy Hearts.

We see this same alternation with False Love and Overthinking, the former slowing things down in a way that makes you want to sing along, and the latter picking the pace and mood back up for one last time in the album.

We close out the record with the song Closure, the last track of the album. Closure is a chill acoustic song seeming to cap off the heartbreak theme of the album, sending us off with the bittersweet feeling of conclusion.

This album is a great showing in the band’s progression, and if you’re a fan of bands like A Day to Remember or State Champs, you may find this album stealing a place on your latest playlist.