“The Fight” Review

Leah Meyers, IV Leader Staff

When civil liberties are at risk and basic human rights are at the precipice of being violated, who is there to defend them? The 2020 film The Fight brings viewers into the intimate world of the very people who are in a tireless fight to do just that.

Directed by Elyse Steinberg, Josh Kriegman, and Eli Despres, The Fight is an emotional and telling documentary that is meant to incite laughter, tears, anger, and hope as it follows the story of four ACLU lawyers and their fights to defend the rights of immigrants and the LGBTQ+ community, voting rights, and the right to choose against the Trump Administration’s violative legislation.

The documentary portrays an in-depth account into not only the legal realm, but into the realm of advocacy as well and proves firsthand how vital it is to protect these rights. The film is phenomenally successful in doing this as it also brings its audience into the very lives of the people these harmful legislatures were targeting and spares no detail in highlighting the grim reality of what was happening to millions in our country across the four cases depicted in the film.

While the events at times are unsettling or devastating, there are equally heart-warming and thrilling moments to be had as well in the unmovable determination to protect and the immense care the ACLU lawyers followed throughout the film have not only for their plaintiffs, but for all across America in similar situations.

The Fight is skillfully directed and does not fall short of emotion or impact while also being educational and raising social awareness to the plights many faced or still face in our country.

Above all, The Fight inspires its audience to act and be the positive force of change this country continues to need.