Personal Soul Discovery in Disney’s “Soul”

Raina Murdock, IV Leader Staff

Recently, I watched Disney’s Soul (2020) made by Pixar Animation Studios. The film includes out-of-the-box views on spirituality, black representation, and of course, a talking cat.

Soul is a new and highly rated film for its unique and interesting plot. It is a family movie directed by Pete Docter that genuinely makes the audience think about their own purpose in life while watching the protagonist, Joe Gardner (played by Jaime Foxx), try to understand his purpose as well.

22 (played by Tina Fey) is another main character in the film who is also trying to find her spark, or purpose, but she has not been born yet.

The movie takes the audience on a journey involving the afterlife and even “life” before people are born.

It is focused around Joe’s love for jazz music and 22’s discovery of her personality, but there are many twists and turns that make you think on a deeper level or laugh hysterically at their mistakes.

A great thing about this film is the visuals, especially because the filmmakers fabricated the space for souls before birth. The colors are light blues, pinks, and purples which can symbolize peace, harmony, and delicacy.

Repeated viewings will not disappoint because during the second watch, you can see the subtleties of Joe’s feelings towards his purpose in life unfold clearer, knowing how the film ends.

The ending is filled with life realizations and heart-felt relationships unraveling. It is worth the watch, and if not to watch Joe’s journey, then to discover what your own life’s purpose may be.

Although the overall theme of the film can vary depending on what you take away from it, I believe it is to never forget to enjoy the little things in life.