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Jacob Kinsella, IV Leader Staff

In the wake of an apocalyptic nuclear attack, Augustine, who is terminally ill, is stuck in an arctic research facility and believes he may be the only person left alive on earth. That is, until he discovers that in the chaos of the base being cleared a child was left behind.

Simultaneously, a space-craft bound for Earth from the moons of Jupiter, and a colony that has been created for humanity, is completely isolated from the earth and unaware of catastrophe which awaits them. Augustine realizes that this returning shuttle will likely be unable to return to Earth and tries to reach out to them to warn them and advise that they return to the colony.

When the ship passes out of the range of his broadcast, Augustine decides that he and the young girl, Iris, must embark on a perilous trek across the arctic tundra in order to reach a location within suitable range in order to reach the returning space-craft and its crew.

This film, while uneven in parts, delivers a wonderful story of love, loss, and the adaptability of human nature. It offers stunning images, an enjoyable story, and several strong performances, especially that of George Clooney.

This film was directed by George Clooney and stars George Clooney, Felicity Jones, Caoilinn Springall, and Kyle Chandler.