Music During the Pandemic

Brianna Sloop, IV Leader Staff

According to Michael Pecherek, head of IVCC’s music department, the global pandemic has devastated the music and performing arts in Illinois.

Due to Covid-19 guidelines such as wearing a mask,  maintaining a six foot distance from others, and avoiding large crowds,  precautions have been set in place to protect the students and staff at Illinois Valley Community College. These precautions have been suggested strongly by the Illinois Community College Board. The Board suggests that any class that can be taught online should be taught online.

It is very difficult for studying musicians to learn music techniques through a computer screen. Typically, musicians have scheduled rehearsals where they would put the music together and correct it as a group.

However, like everyone, they are adapting to these harsh changes and doing what they can such as practicing at home and doing Zoom calls.

Although IVCC is allowing students to do face-to-face private lessons, there will be no concerts scheduled until further notice due to the Covid-19 guidelines. Hopefully by the spring semester the number of coronavirus cases will decrease enough to allow concerts to be scheduled for a later time.