Stay Entertained with Red Dead Redemption II

Sophia Antle, IV Leader Columnist

If you’re anything like me, Rockstar’s award-winning Red Dead Redemption II was a game you anticipated for quite a while. It came out in late October 2018 and became my favorite game of all time shortly thereafter. I know what you’re thinking; it’s been almost a year! But, the more people I  talk to, the more I realize there are plenty who still haven’t played this game. It has a 10/10 rating on IMDB and 97 percent of Google users  recommend it, making it popular and highly praised.

 With October arriving before we know it, the weather will turn cold and keep more of us inside. What better thing to do than play video games?

Set in the year 1899, this prequel to the original Red Dead Redemption lets you play as an outlaw
named Arthur Morgan, a gang member in the Wild West. The setting, while fictional, mirrors several states and cities of North America.

There are forests, swamps, deserts, small towns, big cities, and even snowy mountain areas. The variety of plants and animals is incredible and makes for endless things to do.

My favorite part of this game, something I knew Rockstar wouldn’t forget, are the easter eggs. They’re both unique and memorable.

This game is a great one for all types of people because has a little bit of everything. You play through it as a sort of desperado, killing and
stealing to earn money for your gang. There’s sad moments, surprises, suspense, comedy, romance, and of course, lots of wild west-style violence.

I don’t have as much practice with video games as some people, but Red Dead Redemption II was not hard at all for me to play. The controls do take a bit of getting used to, but the lengthy tutorial in the beginning definitely gave me some much needed practice before the real action began.

Once you get the hang of everything, this game plays pretty smoothly and with very minimal glitching. The characters have depth, the voice actors are phenomenal, and the side missions keep things interesting.

Overall, I have no complaints about Red Dead Redemption II. The graphics are some of the clearest and most realistic I’ve ever seen; you are able to see wet mud drying on your horse and snow that’s perfectly captured as powdery and natural. With a storyline that pulls you in and so much to do, it’s the perfect game for being stuck indoors this fall and winter.