‘Disaster!’ is ‘Hot Stuff’ this ‘Saturday Night’

Olivia Heinzeroth, Columnist

“Disaster! On Broadway” hilariously transports the audience to a decade of disco, dancing and apparently dramatic death.

Though the show takes place during the late 1970s, people of all ages will find humor in the plot, characters and inevitable catastrophe that no one can escape. By utilizing ‘70s-era pop hits, various plot lines and the imitation of disaster movies of the same decade, every person in attendance is guaranteed to laugh out loud.

Illinois Valley Community College’s production of this off-beat musical opened on April 19th to an audience unsure of what to expect.

Unlike the theater department’s previous musical productions of “Sweet Charity” and “Young Frankenstein,” “Disaster!” isn’t as well known due to how relatively new it is to the theater community and perhaps due to its lack of a Hollywood movie adaptation.

However, director and choreographer Don Grant Zellmer found the right production to showcase the talent of IVCC students and community members.

“Disaster!” features a cast of a diva, gambling nun, a lonely reporter, a depressed waiter, a nightclub fixture and her twin children, a penny-pinching con man, a disaster expert and even a terminally ill wife with her freshly retired husband—all of which are attending the opening night of the Barracuda: a new casino and disco club on a boat.

With trouble lurking around every corner for those in attendance of the casino’s opening night, the characters go from asking “what could possibly go wrong” to “what the hell is happening now” all while boogying to the sounds of the decade.

“Disaster!” is a guaranteed hit for the theater department and all who can are highly encouraged to attend it on the last weekend of shows.

“Disaster!” runs April 26, 27 and 28 at 7:30 p.m., and a final show on April 29 will be at 2 p.m.