Jake Wertz, Columnist

People who like to read know that books can be an expensive to buy continuously to keep up with a heavy reading habit. While books can be bought cheap, it is still hard to keep up with a mind’s demand of physical books, but with the Amazon service Kindle Unlimited, avid readers can keep their online libraries stocked with new reads for free

The service isn’t a perfect fit for everyone, but it can be what a reader needs if they find themselves looking for a large amount of quality reading in cyberspace.

The price for this Amazon service is more a month than both Hulu and Netflix, so that could cause a lack of interest, but like the streaming sites you can get a free month to try Kindle unlimited.

I have had it for a month and a half and have read more than my value back in that time. This service, however, does not have access to every book, but the selection is large, diverse, and constantly growing.

Many different genres and interests are covered by Kindle Unlimited’s collection. New self published authors also have there works here, and I enjoy their writing immensely; though the quality might be lower than what other readers are used to.

Without a publishing company these authors have some grammatical mistakes but can make original stories, that would be rather hard to find anywhere else. The authors of these stories really like feedback and responses from readers, and the responses, if good, get Amazon to show the stories to other readers with similar interests.

Unlimited, for its price, offers its large collection of known and new authors, audio books, and great reads checked out ten at a time. The self published authors also get to release their stories quicker, and despite some grammatical errors, aren’t stories that continue for the reader what every dedicated fan wants?

I recommend for anyone really looking for a collection of easy-to-carry books to give the service it’s free, one-month try.