This fall’s top TV series: ‘Young Sheldon’

The newest show to hit CBS as of September 2017 is called “Young Sheldon.” The series takes place in 1989 in eastern Texas and follows nine-year-old Sheldon Cooper who has a mind focused on advanced mathematics and science.

“Young Sheldon” is a spinoff and prequel to the long-running television show “The Big Bang Theory” which focuses on the older Sheldon Cooper. Jim Parsons, the actor who portrays the adult Sheldon, is one of the producers of the show and does a voice-over on the scenes that focus on himself as a child.

The pilot episode focuses on Sheldon starting his freshman year of high school at the age of nine. His feelings about high school were very mixed as he saw all the personalities of every student and he kept pointing them out.

Sheldon quotes everything straight from the student handbook, either about how the student should be dressed or mistakes made by instructors. Since Sheldon is starting high school, his older brother does not like the idea of him being in the same school to ruin his reputation.

This episode also focuses on his family and their unique personalities. Sheldon’s mother is loving and supportive of him. His father is the football coach at the high school and is trying to teach Sheldon when it is appropriate to speak and when to keep his mouth closed.

Sheldon’s sister always seems to be annoyed by anything he says that sounds smart or intelligent, and she always tries to find a way to block out his know-it-all genius quotations. His brother is the typical older brother who picks on him and—just like the sister—he gets annoyed as well.

During the episode, Sheldon’s parents were called into the principal’s office at the school where a few of his teachers were arguing for him to be removed from school. His first day experiencing high school did not go so great, but Sheldon was clearly more intelligent than what the teaching staff thought.

However, a touching scene in the episode focuses on Sheldon as he is looking around and exploring the school. Sheldon stumbles on the band room, as he sees a piano and begins to play. The music teacher notices what talent he has and encourages him to get involved with music.

From watching the pilot episode of “Young Sheldon,” I am impressed with the humorous sequences. Also, it was refreshing to watch the actor Iain Armitage. This 9-year-old has the gift of great intelligence and the ability to present each line clearly.

“Young Sheldon” is a program suitable for all ages and is only a thirty-minute program. I encourage the reader of this article to check out “Young Sheldon” on CBS and give the pilot episode a watch.

This is a family fun show that has both entertainment and drama involved that will keep you tuning in. This series, now picked up for a full season, premieres Nov. 2, 2017.

“Young Sheldon” is a very positive show for family entertainment. It has no violence or questionable content.

From knowing that Jim Parsons is helping to produce the show and from watching the pilot episode, I think the series will go a long way and I hope for more seasons to come in the future.