Spirit Day: Eagles spirit paints courtyard purple

Akari Oya, Photo Editor

Spirit Day compilation photos by Akari Oya, Photo Editor

-Angel Kizer never fails to get a laugh while staffing the booth for the IVCC Black Student Association.


Students wait eagerly to have their caricatures done, one of the most popular activities on Spirit Day.


Melissa “Melzzz” Serrano and Guadalupe “Lulu” Moreno proudly flaunt their freshly pressed plates.


The Chem Club and Indefinite Limit Math Club collaborate in serving liquid nitrogen-churned ice cream.


Groups of students scramble for the purple Frisbee to claim their free prizes.


Student in blindfold attempts to crack the taco-shaped piñata set up in the courtyard by the Hispanic Leadership Team.


Fran Brolley, Director of Community Relations and Development, joins in on the fun by taking a swing at the piñata.


Look at the flick of his wrist as students pair up to play bag toss in the courtyard.


Hannah Uranich and Lauren Tomasson capture their memories in the IV Leader photo booth.