Hunt the killers instead

Jake Wertz, Staff Writer

“I Hunt Killers” by Barry Lyga is the first book in Barry Lyga’s “Jasper Dent” young adult series. The series is about the life of Jasper “Jazz” Dent as he deals with being the son of renowned serial killer Billy Dent.

Billy had been raised by his father learning the art of being a serial killer. He deals with the infamy of his father while using the abilities his father taught him to catch other killers. The book covers a wide array of social issues throughout the story as Jazz’s unique back sorry limits his personal life.

The book is a really interesting look into the mystery genre while keeping the aspects of a young adult book. The story has adult materials containing violent deaths as well as racism but it handles them with grace and uses them in great context.

This book presents the issues that occur when fame and bad parenting influence a child’s youth. This story can be inspirational, knowing that you don’t have to follow in the footsteps of bad influences. This story can bring hope as many of the adversities the heroes of our story face are very real: we can see them face the hardship of our world but never give up.

This book is great, but you really have to enjoy to the entire series for closure. After reading “I Hunt Killers,” the rest of the story will call to you anyway, so once you start you’ll never want to stop.

Filled with drama and a sense of mystery this series will entertain you until the end and long after.