Yet again, more creepy dolls at the movies

Darian krueger, Staff Writer

On Aug. 11, America got just what the people want: another movie about an unsightly red-headed doll whose only objective is to slaughter every person living in the same house as it.

No, I am not talking about Chucky.

I am referring to yet another ginger homicidal toy who has graced us with her presence on the silver screen: Annabelle.

“Annabelle: Creation” is the second edition to the series spin-off of the more successful “The Conjuring.” Although the latest instalment certainly surpasses its predecessor “Annabelle,” it still falls rather short of impressive.

The setting takes place in the 1950s in what appears to be rural western United States. Six orphaned girls are brought to live with, shockingly, a retired doll maker and his reclusive wife who wears a Phantom of the Opera-like half-mask over her face.

The old house naturally has an abundance of inconsistent lighting, dark corners and hallways, hidden passages, dumbwaiters and a barn that contains a scarecrow.

Does said scarecrow magically come to life later in the film to spice up the jump scares? Of course it does.

After tragically losing their daughter, Annabelle, in a car accident, Sam and Esther Mullins welcome six orphans into their home in hopes of bringing a little life back into the since dreary house.

Two of the girls, Janice and Linda, are particularly close and act as the main protagonists in the story. Janice was stricken with polio at some point in her life, and as a result, walks with a leg brace and crutch. Her limited mobility is used to the fullest as another scare tactic.

In short, spooky things start to happen when Janice wanders into the late Annabelle’s room and unlocks a closet containing the doll. Cliché jump scares abound, the doll, who we later discover is not evil itself, but rather is possessed by a dark entity, becomes restless and begins to move mysteriously around the house.

The rest of the film continues like any other. Girls are attacked and thrown down stairs, dark shadows appear in corners, an exorcism is performed to rid the doll of the evil within, the doll is disposed of continuously but keeps coming back and somehow, all of the girls leave the house unscathed.

All in all, the film was entertaining enough. Strategically placed jump scares and well-rounded characters make the movie worth a view.

It certainly did not fall short in the scary category, and I admittedly found myself covering my eyes with my hands a time or two.

However, as far as originality goes, I was not impressed. This is, again, the same old cliché story about an evil doll done 20 times over.

If there is to be a third installment, perhaps they should consider placing the setting in outer space or at the bottom of the ocean.

Not really, but at least it would be something different.