Read ‘Ready Player One’ while waiting for movie

Jake Wertz, Staff Writer

With the premier of the trailer at the San Diego Comic-Con, many people are excited to see “Ready Player One.”

Some people may not know that “Ready Player One” was originally published as a great dystopian book that takes a dark look into the lives of people. However, the upcoming Spielberg-directed film is rather a story of how people escape their bleak realities and what becomes their source of hope.

The story follows a worldwide quest for a better life through a virtual reality treasure hunt. The protagonist, Wade, starts the hunt for Easter eggs by beating a video game challenge. This starts the race for the ownership of a billion dollar company.

The hunt takes place in the virtual world of the OASIS, created by James Halliday.

It is all started because of Wade’s love of 80’s culture and is influenced by Halliday’s journal, “Anorak’s Almanac.” Throughout the hunt, Wade takes his video game skills to the next level.

The book is a hoarder’s treasure trove of 80’s pop culture. Both well known and lesser known Easter eggs can be found, and these eggs might even be a guiding piece of the story.

Through great characters that geeky people can really understand, readers can feel themselves living the adventure. The character’s excitement becomes your own.

Deep friendships with people you have never met reflect the current generation’s way of living, with the cultural inspirations that started the fantasy developments we know today.

It is great to be able to experience many of the hobbies that developed into what nerdy people love today.

Classic Dungeons and Dragon characters, anime heroes, and video games appear throughout the story to create a “blast from the past” for many of those who have experienced the originals.

You do not have to be an 80’s fan to read this book. If you did not already appreciate classic pop culture, this book will forge you into fan.

This was a fantastic read overall, and I cannot express how much you would love this book if this review grabbed your interest.

Read the book if you cannot wait for the movie, or watch the movie and read the book.

Either way, everyone should enjoy the experience that is “Ready Player One.”