For a great book about film, read ‘Disaster Artist’

Griffin Tabor, Staff Writer

If ever there was a book that explains the do’s and dont’s of film, “The Disaster Artist” is one such book. “The Disaster Artist” is the story of two men working together on a movie that later became known as “the greatest bad movie ever made” from far and wide.

Although the book is written by two authors, Greg Sestero and Tom Bissell, it is told through the eyes of Sestero, a small-known actor who wants to make it big. Throughout his acting classes in California, he meets a mysterious stranger known as Tommy Wiseau.

Wiseau is another small-known actor who has plans of making a cinematic drama known as “The Room,” to which he refers to as his “masterpiece.” The two form a friendship as Sestero helps Wiseau attempt to direct his film. Unfortunately, things do not go as planned for Wiseau and his crew.

This book takes an incredible leap into the movie making business. Sestero explains the realism and depth of making a film, including everything that goes successful or awry in the process. I would recommend this to anyone who wants to pursue the art of movies and the love of preserving them. “The Disaster Artist” is an instant classic in the annals of film itself.