Cultural Centre renovations completed

Yvonne Wandia and Erica Lawless

IVCC’s Cultural Centre underwent a series of renovations throughout the summer.

According to David Alan Kuester, the new upgrades in the theatre allow for more comfort and enjoyment in his classes and shows.

The new upgrades include changes in audience lighting, ceiling color and carpeting.

If anyone has ever taken a class in the Cultural Centre, they can recall the dim lights that made it difficult to take notes. The new lights have 125 candle lumens per light, thus making the lighting very bright and safe. This update is one of the biggest upgrades so far.

New carpeting has been installed and the ceiling has been painted. Before the ceiling was painted, its white color would reflect lighting badly. The ceiling has now been painted black.

“It looks much more like a theater space,” Dr. Kuester said.

The new upgrades will most likely not have a big effect on audiences, but they will make the room more comfortable for other events such as conferences and gatherings.

The theatre room is one of the most used rooms on campus, and with the new upgrades, its use may increase. Kuster invites everyone to stop by the Cultural Centre to check out the new changes.