Arcade Fire’s release worth the wait

Karis Brainard, Staff Writer

After waiting tirelessly for four years for Arcade Fire to release a new album, they finally delivered. “Reflektor,” their previous album, debuted in 2013, and just this past July, the alternative rock band came out with “Everything Now.” The album has thirteen songs, and it was worth the wait.

The second song on the new album, also called “Everything Now,” reflects the way Arcade Fire has always sounded as a band.

Songs such as “Creature Comfort” and “Infinite_Content” introduce a new feel, one the band has never brought out before. This could be because it took them four years to gather new creative content and deliver a fresh auditory sensation that they had never produced before.

A majority of the album leans more towards an electric and synthesized type of music, but there are several songs that still sound acoustic and natural. The album itself is lengthy, and listeners can tell that there was a lot of work and time put into the music. Each song differentiates from the last by using different tones, instruments and voices.

“Everything Now” is a collaborative piece of art, and is definitely one of the better albums that I have listened to. Between the diverse type of music and new sounds being introduced, I cannot think of many other albums to take the time to really listen to.