Locally produced film set to open in Ottawa this month

Chase Oschner, Staff Writer

When Illinois Valley residents hear the term “indie film,” they should think of independent filmmaker Tyler Amm.

Tyler Amm directed “River City Panic” (2015), “Grace’s Room” (2016) and the upcoming horror-comedy film “Butcher the Bakers” (2017).

Tyler Amm met Ryan Ziegler, the shipping and receiving coordinator for IVCC’s mailroom, while filming “Grace’s Room” when Ziegler acted as an extra. Their working relationship developed into a great friendship. Ziegler recently starred as Martin, a baker in the local production of “Butcher the Bakers.”

Both Ziegler and Amm are horror fans, citing “Fright Night” and “House of the Devil” as their respective favorite horror movies. Beyond horror, however, they share a love of films.

They enjoy being a part of the process of turning an idea into a script and a script into a film playing on the big screen.

Filming for “Butcher the Baker” took place last summer, with many locals pitching in. Ziegler said he enjoyed the very first day of shooting, since it meant he could finally get in front of the camera.

Amm enjoyed filming the scene where the leads fight the monsters. This is because it was the first choreographed scene and it was near the final days of shooting.

“Butcher the Bakers” opens on April 28 at the Roxy Cinema and will run until May 4. Lone Buffalo Bar and Grill in Ottawa will host the premiere party on opening night.