‘Young Frankenstein’ comes to IVCC

Aris Showers and Quinn Delvallee

Igor, from the “Young Frankenstein” musical, is described by Adam Oldaker, the actor playing the role, as “silly, gross, impulsive, and childlike.” This description resonates with the comedy genre of the musical.

The famed “Young Frankenstein” musical will premiere at IVCC starting Thursday, April 21 through Sunday, April 24. Director Don Grant Zellmer said he likes to choose musicals based on whether they are a premiere production or have a popular title. “In the case of ‘Young Frankenstein,’ we actually hit the jackpot and get both.”

The musical was originally a movie produced by Mel Brooks in 1974, according to the website Music Theatre International. The story is about Frederick, grandson of Dr. Victor Von Frankenstein who is known for his experiments with reviving the dead. Frederick travels to Transylvania after his grandfather’s death and takes up experimenting with the help of his assistant Igor.

A sneak peek into the cheerful demeanor of Oldaker reveals an actor that is well suited for the role as Igor. Oldaker is known around campus as an English professor, but recently started acting again after a 15 year hiatus.

Oldaker was very excited when the opportunity to audition for Young Frankenstein Musical at IVCC. “I love it here and the students. I thought, ‘what a great way to get involved and bridge both of my interests in the same place.’”

Oldaker says his performance will reflect that of the originial actor. “Igor is such an iconic role that what I want to do is hit certain lines in a way that’s reminiscent and respectful of the movie.” However, he does want to add some of his own interpretation and personality.

He has seen the musical before and thought it was very funny, giving this as a reason someone should come see it. “I think I can promise a whole lot of laughs,” he said.

IVCC student and cast member Ashley Hurst agrees: “The comedy and the uber talented cast…seriously these people rock.”

Zelmer hopes to set the bar high with this production: “I don’t settle for good enough, and with our combination of professionals, I can always cast the best of the best.”