‘Deadpool’ dead on the money

Deadpool dead on the money

Brianna Brooks, IV Leader Columnist

Many Marvel fans have been waiting for this film for a long time.
“Deadpool” is a film that falls within the science fiction and fantasy realm, while bearing the general title as a superhero flick. The film is self-aware of its own genre in a way that makes it both fun to watch and interesting in its narrative.
One thing that stands out in the film is its successful meeting of audience and actors, breaking the fourth wall mid-feature; it is glorious.

Ryan Reynolds plays the role with the same vigor Hugh Jackman brought to Wolverine, making it impossible to picture anyone else in that role. The character may as well belong to him. However, the writers, who are the real heroes, have done a marvelous job encompassing all the angles of the hilarious and violent character. They brought forth a script that calls out clichés both generally and specifically in superhero films, creating a story that comes off as simultaneously original and classic in its own way.

Let’s hear it for Rhett Reese, Paul Wernick, and, of course, Director Tim Miller, all of whom made it visually stunning.

While there are many people singing the film’s praises, there has been significant controversy about the film’s violence and sexual content. However, this is because some parents have been negligent in researching the film’s rating. As a result, some parents let their 12 year olds watch a violent film with mature content, then complained about it when the film had already been appropriately rated. In truth, there would have been very few ways to tell a Deadpool origin story genuinely without the higher rating. “Deadpool” is not always for children. “Deadpool” has a bloody ledger and in order to tell the story honestly, the gritty elements of the film are needed to set the tone for the storytelling.

In general, the higher rating was off-putting, even to older fans that feared that the film would be lacking in its plot with the R-rating. However, “Deadpool” has done surprisingly well box-office-wise, and better than any film of its rating.

Deadpool has quickly become a marketable character of the Marvel universe, appearing in comics and on T-shirts for a rapidly growing fanbase. Deadpool is a crowd favorite anti-hero. He has the potential and the drive of heroes, but is missing a few key qualities that might stop him from going on a murderous rampage, unlike other characters. Another hallmark of Deadpool’s character would be his near immortality. Similar to Wolverine, his aging has been slowed down and his body is able to regenerate at an astonishing rate, making him (nearly) impossible to kill.

Ryan Reynolds and the writers also acknowledged Deadpool’s pansexuality. This is happening, and there is no apology for it.
With its success, including breaking the record for opening night set by Star Wars, there have been new announcements with “Deadpool” continuations and possible meet ups with the X-men. Now that the character is out there, there should be a lot of expecting Deadpool in our near future.