Adele solidifies her return with release of ‘25’

Soul singer Adele is back in the spotlight after a four-year hiatus with her brand new album “25.” The singer is breaking records on the Billboard charts and inspiring fans.

The Billboard charts have steadily tracked Adele’s album since its release in November 2015. According to Billboard, “‘25’s first four weeks of release, it sold 5.98 million copies.” That’s more copies sold than her second album ‘21’ that sold 4.41 million copies.
I feel UK artists have rawness to their music that helps album sales. American artist seem to be spotlight driven, while artists from other countries are clouded in mystery. Fans anticipate the next hit maker.

The comparisons of Adele’s last two albums don’t stop with sales; fans are curious about her growth as an artist. After listening to Adele’s new album, I would definitely say this was a reinvention of emotions. I think every fan can relate to Adele’s experiences and that quality makes her albums remarkable. The album is a crooning love-cleansing over past relationships and current heartfelt connections.

The album “21” was an earnest cry asking a past love to reassess their relationship. For example, the song “Rolling in the Deep” cries out in exhilaration of how things could have been with a past lover. The beat of the instruments in the background gave chimes of being haunted, by those feelings still. The song was brilliant.

There are a few tracks on the album “25” that are about the release of a former relationship. While I listened to her song “Send My Love (To your New Lover)” reminded me of the moment when you’re totally over a past relationship. The upbeat tempo clarifies her detached mood instantly. I can definitely imagine a sassy flip of the head, in a nonchalant manner. Hoping an ex-lover treats their new partner better.

The next breath of the album described current relationships. One particular song that’s relatable, “River Lea” in which she declared her past experiences are a part of her presence. I feel past experiences turn people into their present persona. I think Adele’s music has always been heartfelt and fans see that in her lyrics.

The song “Remedy” sounds like a declaration to her son and as a mother myself I can relate. She’s earnestly expressing she’ll always be there when things in life go wrong. Every mother will feel the power emitting from her vocal cords. The song was amazing.

Adele’s byplay of how she felt in the past versus the present showed her music has evolved. The instrumental portions of the songs capture the diverse vibes of each track. The lyrics entwine the music in every intimate way.

Adele definitely brought more depth to this album that sparks a cord in every fans core. The music resonates from speakers to your ears and through your body, as if you’re reliving that past or current relationship.

I give Adele’s “25” a resounding constant rotation in my playlist.

I’ll definitely be at her concert this summer at Chicago’s United Center on one of these days, July 10-13.