Electro- indie Magic Man takes over Chicagoland

A sold out show, unique opening acts, and music that took the crowd’s breath away just enough for them to keep singing along added up to be a magical night for Magic Man.

The Boston native band took over Chicago’s small Lincoln Hall venue on their first ever head lining tour March 20.
On tour with Magic Man was Milwaukee band Vinyl Theatre and Brooklyn band Great Good Fine Ok. The three bands were able to come together and produce a show that was matchless to anything else.

Vinyl Theatre was able to get the crowd excited for the night ahead with their pop/punk electronic sound.

Great Good Fine Ok came out with disco balls, bedazzled suits, and glowing instruments that left the crowd in a fog of 80’s nostalgia.

Magic Man then stole the show away with their performance. A voice came over the speakers as the band took the stage proclaiming that what was in store for everyone at the show was going to be one of the best experiences of their young lives. And it very well was.

The five piece band performed for over an hour entertaining all of the crowd’s senses and expectations. The set included songs from the band’s newest full length record as well as some of their old songs, a new song, and even a Jimmy Eat World cover during the encore.

The band’s electro indie sound was the perfect mix for a lively show. The humble Boston band connected with the energetic Chicago crowd the moment they took the stage.

The most special moment of the night came when front man Alex Caplow announced that they were going to play their song titled “Chicagoland,” and dedicated it to each and every person at the concert.

Caplow said that although they are from Boston, every time they come to Chicago they feel humbled and extremely thankful to be around supportive fans, almost as if they were back home.

Magic Man proved to be a band that can sound incredible on record or on stage. It’s apparent that after this head lining tour, Chicagoland looks forward to seeing them again.