‘Shut up and Dance’ with Walk the Moon

Ohio-based band Walk the Moon has struck gold with their single “Shut Up and Dance” off their third album “Talking is Hard.”

I know what you’re thinking; for Catie to be writing about an American band for the first time ever, they must be a big flipping deal. And let me tell you, indeed they are.

With front man Nick Petricca leading the way, this band has carved their way into the new wave, dance-rock, 80s-feel genre.
Synthesizers coast throughout the band’s music, a definitive sound bite that sets Walk the Moon apart from other dance-rock artists.

Their songs can definitely be considered of the throwback variety, taking listeners back in time while keeping one foot in the present.

The blending of years, if you will, is a seamless one that creates something rarely heard on the radio waves nowadays.

The song that has captured my attention, as well as my heart, would be their lead single, “Shut Up and Dance.”

Needless to say, this song has literally consumed my life with its catchy refrain and disco-tech dance feel.

When Walk the Moon’s sophomore album “Walk the Moon” came out three years ago, they pulled me in with their single “Anna Sun.”

Unfortunately, my attention waned with the band soon after, and I never listened to any of their other songs.

So, when this album came out a matter of months ago, regret bubbled up and drove me to hear what these guys were all about. I was not disappointed, especially with their newest music.

Ask any one of my friends or sisters, and they will tell you how obsessed I have gotten with “Shut Up and Dance.”

A day does not go by that I do not listen to that song at least once. I probably play the record 20 times in one day. It’s even the music my phone alarm plays when I wake up every morning now.

What exactly is it about that song that I latched onto so fanatically, you ask?

The opening rift to the catchy refrain to the lyrics in general to the happy, go lucky sensation that it radiates.

If you like to sing and dance nonstop, I highly recommend you get your hands on Walk the Moon’s music.