IVCC’s got talent: 2015 Talent Showcase approaches

In hopes of generating donations towards the local organization Cops 4 Cancer, Illinois Valley Community College will be hosting a Talent Show in the Cultural Center on March 25.

The show starts at 7 p.m., and doors open at 6:30 p.m., and it’s anticipated to be a great source of entertainment.

The cause of the talent show itself is what makes the event a good target for an audience.

Tickets will be available this week sold at $5 each, and they will also be sold on March 25 at the front doors of the Cultural Center for $8 each. Additionally, the acceptance of donations will begin this week as well.

The organization chosen this year to receive the earnings and funds is referred to as Cops 4 Cancer.

Cops 4 Cancer is a local group that raises funds to help pay for mortgages, utilities, groceries, medical expenses, transportation, hotels, funerals, and much more for cancer patients and their families.

According to Betty Glynn, the President of Cops 4 Cancer, this organization has dispersed nearly $400,000 to local families since June of 2011.

Betty expresses her excitement towards the student involvement and fundraiser show: “I feel blessed that our future leaders see the need for helping our own.”

The competitors will have a strong source of motivation to perform their very best, in order to increase the amount in earnings for Cops 4 Cancer.

The talent show has already retrieved a large amount of sponsors for the cause and in a wide variety of places.

Leader and organizer of the talent competition and current IVCC student, Christian Bender, is proud to say, “We already have sponsors in LaSalle, Peru, Streator, and Ottawa. It is all coming together very nicely.”

Bender is expecting this year’s show to be a growing process and is pushing the event to flourish and continue to become a tradition at IVCC.

Bender also provides us with a little sneak preview of what to expect for the upcoming showing of IVCC’s talent.

He says, “There’s a wide-variety of acts in the talent showcase this year… there will be various vocal and instrumental acts, an acoustic cover, a girl-boy comedy bit, and a nunchuck performance.”

As a follow-up from the 2014 showcase, which raised $1,043, the set goal is simply to raise more than last year.

There’s a total of three judges, who will decide to the top three winners of the talent show competition, and the entire profit and proceeds will be donated to Cops 4 Cancer.

Come support the cause, and discover the varietal talent that IVCC students have to offer.