Drake’s surprising drop

Popular Canadian singer, rapper, and songwriter Drake, pulled a Beyoncé-inspired move on Feb. 12, dropping a surprise album online without any previous announcements.

The 17-track album is entitled “If You’re Reading This It’s Too Late,” and is the rapper’s fourth studio album. Differing from hits from his previous works, “If You’re Reading This” has slightly darker tones to it, focusing less on partying and girls and more on self-reflection.

He evidently searches for some sort of identity, trying to distinguish between his rap persona and who he really is. On the track “No Tellin” he says, “Please don’t speak to me like I’m that Drake from four years ago, I’m at a higher place,” which shows how he’s grown as an artist.

Already establishing his position at the top of the rap game, Drake boasts frequently on the album and taunts those who go up against him.

He’s confident in his abilities and in maintaining his popularity. In the track “6 God,” he demonstrates this, saying “I know you heard things, I know you, I’m not new to this.”

Drake also responds to insults from American rapper Tyga, who claimed to dislike Drake in an interview in 2014.

Drake fires back in the track “6PM In New York,” saying, “Oh you tried, it’s so childish calling my name on the world stage, you need to act your age and not your girl’s age.”

Often noticed for his softer, more emotional side, an overwhelming amount of tracks on this album do not really fall into this category. However, this side of Drake is shown somewhat in “Wednesday Night Interlude” and “Company.”

Overall, “If You’re Reading This” undeniably is doing well on the charts. All 17 tracks are Billboard Top 50 Hot R&B/Hip-Hop Songs, bringing his total currently on the chart up to 21.

However, it’ll be interesting to see whether this album can hold its own as time passes. While it gained great recognition with its surprise drop, the album provides little variability over the tracks.

It’s certainly enjoyable to listen to, but none of the tracks really hit me as classics that we’ll remember years from now, as were some of his previous tracks.

Either way, his influence and popularity is impossible to ignore. Drake may not have exactly started from the bottom, but he’s certainly here now.