‘Dance, Dance’ again; Fall Out Boy continues to deliver


The Chicago band that made us “Dance, Dance,” is at it again.

American Beauty/American Psycho is the new album from the alternative rock band Fall Out Boy, and is the band’s sixth studio album since their formation over ten years ago.

After taking a three year hiatus and making five previous records that all have different takes on alt rock, the band impresses the music world once again with the newest record. While keeping with the classic Fall Out Boy sound, the album demonstrates just how diverse the four man group can be.

The first single from the record, “Centuries,” was written and released before any other song off the record and has a harder sound with prominent guitar riffs, multiple vocal ranges, and empowering lyrics.

Each song off the record has a different sound, either with a dance-pop feel such as “Uma Thurman,” or even a more serious ballad like “Jet Pack Blues.”

However, the variation of songs doesn’t affect the cohesiveness of the record. All of the songs have strong messages about different life events that anyone can relate to, interweaving one after another to create a story on the record.

After the record was leaked nearly two weeks before the release date the band decided to release the entire album one song at a time a week before it was to be made available worldwide on January 20.

With every record Fall Out Boy releases they remind us time and again that as the music industry continues to grow they do as well, but they never forget how they started. As a whole the band sounds more confident than ever in their abilities and embraces creativity and new sounds.

Any die hard listening to the records on repeat though can conclude that each one carries a sense of nostalgia to that underground garage band they started out as, which is much appreciated.

Whether you plan to support the band and purchase the album, or to find the leaked version online, I would recommend listening to it either way.